Thursday, April 2, 2009

Couple of quick updates..

1. My crazy theory is still crazy, but the rash on Dominic’s arm is actually ringworm (a fungus). His preschool teacher took one look at it yesterday and identified it. Its contagious, but our instructions from the doc’s office (over the phone) are that he doesn’t need to be seen, and to use an over the counter anti fungal. We’re guessing he picked it up at Villa, either in the kids area or the pool, as it showed up right after a weekend where he’d been in both area’s. not a big deal, easy to treat.

2. I dropped off the application forms and deposit to Alpine yesterday, and so we’re now confirmed as starting on June 1. We still have to return a physical, but since we’re seeing the doc on April 15 anyway, that’s not a huge deal.

3. This whole snowing in April thing is old already and its only April 2. We had 2 snow storms move through yesterday and another is scheduled for this weekend.

4. D11 early childhood special ed coordinator called me this morning. Apparently she’s been talking about Dominic with the D11 program coordinator and autism specialist for kindergarten and up (which coincidentally is housed at the same elementary school Dominic is going to right now), and said specialist - this lady: would like to observe Dominic in the classroom (scheduled for 4-9) and then come talk with us (scheduled for 4-14). Okay - sure. We’ll let anyone look at him who might have good insight for us.

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