Thursday, April 2, 2009

Its Autism Awareness month

And there’re PILES of articles all over the various news sources about Autism and causes and treatments, and most of them all say that autism has no known single cause, but its probably a combination of genetics and environment (ha, what else would it be?), and that the only proven therapy is applied behavioral analysis (ABA) and that said therapy is both inordinately expensive and generally not covered by insurance.

So, what can you do this month – pick an Autism Charity and donate money or time to it. There’re a slew out there, from the political action types (Autism Speaks) to the research types (Autism Research Institute) to the treatment facilities that operate in the red - and the best example of this I can give is Alpine Autism Center, where Dominic will be going this summer. They are a 501,C,3 so your donation is tax deductible*. They are also always in need of toys, both indoor and out.

*they accept directed donations towards kids tuition as well, but when pushed, told me that the giver would need to double check with their tax professional on how much of the donation would remain fully deductible.. However, they have told me that you can make a donation and send a letter asking for it to go towards Dominic’s Tuition, and it will (if you do this, we are extremely grateful to you, and only ask you let us know so we make sure that it shows up properly on his account)

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Kate said...

A combination of genetics and environment hmm? Is gravity also the leading cause of things falling? Sometimes these "studies" are not very impressive imo.

Alpine sounds like it is going to be a wonderful place for Dom. I have a friend whose son is at a similar school near here & it has made a huge difference for the whole family. The therapies & approach to teaching are wonderful (of course) but the support that it has been to the family to have a huge network of friends (and friends for their son) who are going through the same things has been huge too.