Friday, April 3, 2009

Downs and Ups

Yesterday we got back in the groove of ST and OT after missing a couple of weeks (one due to D11 asking us to start Friday classes earlier than expected and the other due to the child development center closing for a blizzard). We have a new schedule – Dominic WAS going on Friday mornings with Rod, but now that he’s having supplemental services through D11, we’ve had to change that to Thursday afternoons with me. Yesterday he had school followed by therapy. Because of the schedule change, we had a new speech therapist, who said she barely got anything out of him (new person, etc), and the OT mentioned that she could definitely tell it’d been awhile since she’d seen him. Dominic kept falling off the therapy ball (which he sits on for her for all fine motor therapy stuff) and had a hard time asking for the swing – he went and got all the parts but she has a rule that he MUST either say please or swing before she’ll set it up, and he had a hard time remembering to do that. We got home and he literally put his head down on the table and fell asleep during dinner. So I hosed him off and put him to bed at 6:30.

Today, his D11 therapist told Rod that Dominic is starting to meet some of the first goals they had for him (example, using 2 words strung together – “need that”), and they’re going to be moving on to the next goals. We’re both of the opinion that we don’t’ see much of that, but if they do, fantastic. She’s backed him down to 45min sessions because he wasn’t staying focus’d so well for an whole hour. She’s planning on working back up to an hour. Which will be good, because the summertime stuff at Alpine will also be one on one intensity, and he’ll have to tolerate it for 3 hour increments. We’re encouraged at the results, and are hoping it means we’re working in the right direction.

And a nice surprise… I had submitted to insurance copies of invoices for all those out of pocket tests we had to pay for in Jan/Feb and we’re actually going to get a nice chunk of change back – maybe about 50% of what we paid. Frankly, I’m surprised, I didn’t actually think they’d do anything, so I’m kind of glad I took the time to submit everything.

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