Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Attack of the kissy face boy. And some updates

First, tho, a picture of the aforementioned kissy face boy. He comes RUNNING, all puckered in a fish face when one of us leaves for work, and its REALLY cute.

I've been off work this week, and so have been doing a lot of yard work. Lots more to do, but here's a shot of Dominic outside by his sandbox, which is on the list of areas that need more work. I cannot believe how big he looks.

So, remember I mentioned Dominic had developed a love of worms? well, Rod suggested looking online, and what do you know they make Worm Farms (apparently very similar to Ant Farms). So I ordered one. It came, we put it together, and now Dominic gazes at the worms frequently. I had just added 2 big ones we found on the cement and took this shot. You can kind of see them at the very top.

Big news for today - Dominic got dressed ALL BY HIMSELF. He's 4 and a quarter, and finally we told him to go get dressed and he did. this is HUGE. Ever since the regression, we've had to either dress him entirely, or walk him through every single step. He got it all right with the exception of his underwear, which is on backwards. I wouldn't think that was terribly comfortable, but you know, whatever. It'll be interesting to see if he continues this.... the big goal for us was to get him to the point where we said to go get dressed and he could just go do it without prompts and without meltdowns, and without trying to put his shirt on his legs.


Christi said...

He is such a doll.. and way to go on him getting dressed... Such a good acomplishment..

Beth said...

Annie wears her underwear backwards ALL. THE. TIME! It's okay when it's a larger pair but the smaller ones she then fights with all day long. sigh. 4 yr olds are weird.