Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dr Kucera followup appt this morning

We saw Dr K this morning, and have tweaked Dominic's supplements a little bit. The biggie is that we've decided to go ahead with chelation, but really only because Dr K doesn't do the scary sounding protocols that DAN! and Andy Cutler recommend. What we're going to do is this - in a few weeks when the supplement tweaks settle down, we'll start a chelation protocol of 100mg DMPS (which is the LOW end of options) 3 times a week. We'll do 12 doses, and then take a 13th pill for a post provocative heavy metals test. We're adding Milk Thistle to support his liver while we do this. We also have a round of blood work to do after this month long chelation effort.

The EXCELLENT news was that Dominic's essential minerals are all looking FANTASTIC. Which is good because Chelation also pulls those out.

There's one refill on the prescription, so we may go ahead and do a second month depending on how he does - we are to watch for funky poop (means his gut would be acting up), if he gets a cold or something, we are not to chelate until he's over it. We are to expect him to make gains with his therapy as the metals are pulled out. Of all of them, he had highest concentrations of Lead.

Things we are leaving on the backburner as protocols to try down the road are the McCandless Vit A protocol and the LDN protocol. The way Dr K discussed the LDN is that its similar to the Enhansa, which is super anti infammatory - LDN is an artifical immune system booster, so it helps, and there's progress, but until you remove the cause of the immune issue, its just a bandaid. So we're doing super w/an anti inflammatory but we still need to remove the cause of the inflammation.

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