Thursday, June 4, 2009

Week 1 of Alpine

Since tomorrow is an inservice for them I(which they do a couple of times a month)... And we've had glowing reports from them each afternoon. Everyone is very pleased with how he's doing, and we're just really relieved to finally be getting this kind of therapy. We were told it was the ONLY thing that would help him back in November... so its huge to be rolling.

We're now a full year into OT and ST through the private folks we're using. They're working on his yearly evals. Because of the speech and paying attention issues, he's not doing so hot on the standard testing (the peabody test put him at 28months developmentally, but as his OT said, that just not right because he's playing with things and doing problem solving much more closely to his actual age of 52 months). I'm not terribly excited one way or the other on these evals, but they're something that the therapists do to justify their existance (eg, show progress), so we do them.

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