Friday, July 31, 2009

Good week...

Bullet points because i am tired.

- Dominic has a runny nose. I have the full on head cold / sinus pain / sore throat. He's fine aside from clear snot. Good news is he's figured out how to actually blow his nose again. (He'd lost that particular talent for a while)

- We're done w/chelation until probably the end of September. The nutritionist I email with forwarded the email to the doc who said stop entirely until we sort out whats going on in his gut. So now we get to do another stool sample. Oh The Fun. Fortunately this one is just a one day test, the last one we did was a three day test. The probable cause for the huge increase in behavior issues and difficulty in focusing is that yeast went way out of whack. I don't know what the probable answer is - it could be a stronger antifungal, it could be a more strict diet (as if what we are doing wasn't strict enough...)

- The spitting behavior is almost entirely gone w/just being ignored. It was an attention getting mechanism. So gross as it is, we are really focusing on not reacting. The squealing is significantly reducing, as well, so that was probably a chelation related behavior, because we're still handling it the same way.

- Dominic is doing really well with his various therapists - and we're noticing more following instructions on the first try, paying attention, emulating, and asking for things than we were a few weeks ago.

- Dominic is still wanting stories, which is fantastic. We're now doing 2-3 each night before bed, and yesterday he wanted a book at Alpine, so they used a story for a reinforcer (in other words, he had to finish the required task, and then they read the story. He picked out a CARS book. No shock there).

- I accidently forgot to undo autoship for the disney movie club, and we got the movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Oddly enough, this has become his favorite movie of the week. I say oddly, because its the only one he likes this much thats not animated. He calls it the Dogs movie. its cute.

- No big plans for the weekend.

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