Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On Imaginative play

We've been seeing an upsurge in Dominic's imaginative play, which is FANTASTIC given that it was little to nothing for many months.

This first picture is his elephant getting a bath. Its hard to see, but there's water in there. The Elephant, bowl and water and all, goes with him to dinner, to the bath tub, and sits on his toybox while he sleeps.

Beside the elephant is the Sheep-on-a-Motorcycle. When we went to Safeway on Saturday, it was just for a couple of things, and so I let Dominic walk (normally, he's in the cart so he doesn't get into trouble), and as we were getting ready to leave, he pulled me down the toy aisle, saying CARS CARS and very deliberately picked out this motorcycle. Sometime Saturday evening, he brought it to me with the sheep riding it. And thats how its been since.

Closeup of the sheep on the motorcycle. No idea how this kid decided the sheep needed to ride the motorcycle, but its showing definate independent imaginative things at work. which we are THRILLED about.

And this is the chicken. I was getting ready to throw away the box when he took it out of my hand, and said FIXIT. so i taped the lid down, and after a while of wearing it on his head, the chicken started living in it. This one also went to bed with him for a few nights, etc.

Then there are a plethora of small toys with strings tied around their necks so they can go for walks - dinosaur, elephant, mulitple horses, and a small stuffed dog.

These are just little things, I know, but they are very exciting. Our morning therapist has said that she's got autistic kids who not only would not put a sheep on a bike, they wouldn't roll the bike around on its wheels or put a person on the bike.

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