Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dominic's new preschool teacher

We had our meeting with Dominic's new preschool teacher this afternoon. She'd been in his very first IEP almost 2 years ago, and remembered him. Short version is, He's going to do just fine. She's excited to work with him, and perfectly willing to communicate with Alpine (via a notebook system, and possibly an observational visit).

Dominic did excellent behavior wise while Rod and I filled out the paperwork, and got to know the teacher. He played well with the toys in the classroom, explored EVERY nook. Did a little drawing, strummed on a guitar, smiled for a picture... was very compliant when asked to do something, and did minimal stimming. His current new stim is growling instead of speaking. Its not nearly as gross as the spit thing was.

We emphasized that we felt it is tremendously important for Dominic to get to make some friends, the social skills are a huge thing we want help with from D11. And she's very willing to assist with that. We're on the same page on rewarding good behaviors (verses bad), and I really think he's going to have a good experience.

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