Sunday, August 16, 2009

This and That

- no word from insurance yet. I'll call them tomorrow and see where things are.

- We went to Red Robin today for our anniversary, took Dominic with. This is the ONLY restaurant in town that has a dedicated gluten free fryer for their french fries and was the first time in 8 months Dominic got to eat french fries. Not only did he LOVE his fries, he ate an entire grilled chicken breast and side of steamed broccoli. ALL of it.

- Tomorrow is the Alpine Autism Center Golf Classic (eg, MAJOR fundraiser) and as part of it we are going to a catered dinner at the country club (free), and there's a private auction to which Rod donated a yoga class. The interesting thing about their invitation is that it had pictures of the kiddo's who go to Alpine in it and of the 12 students, 11 are boys.

- Tuesday is our last day of ESY with Michelle. She's been great this summer, and we'll miss her (she's moving to the mountains). We will meet Dominic's D11 preschool teacher on Thursday afternoon and let him acquaint himself with the classroom a little bit while we visit. i've made a batch of Dominic safe cupcakes and some will go live in the classroom fridge.

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