Thursday, October 1, 2009

Couple of quick things…

Last night we had our regular OT appointment with the therapist Dominic has been seeing for 15 months now. She’s wonderful with him. She made the comment afterwards that he’s come a long way in his exercises crossing the midpoint of his body – he will now cross his right hand over to his left side and pick something up independently. However, he will not do left had to right side. We want him to be able to go both ways – because crossing midpoint physically is the outward manifestation of the neurological pathways between his brain’s hemispheres firing. And we’d like them to all be firing. But we’ve made good progress.

Then last night, he wet the bed. We think that this is related to the yeast die off symptoms, but I can’t find the link that I saw before where it discussed it. Regardless, it happens really rarely, but last night was odd in that I put him to bed at 7pm, made sure he went to sleep, and at 9 when I came back downstairs to do something, I realized his light was on. He was almost asleep, and drenched as were the sheets, mattress pad and bedspread. So we changed him, and his bed, and he stayed asleep. The only other times he’s wet the bed, its been much later at night. So, slight oddity there. He didn’t have a lot of water with dinner, either (tho he may’ve drunken the bath water). He was also really sweaty all over.

This morning, when Rod picked Dominic up from preschool, the teacher told him that Dominic had his best day yet – lots of spontaneous labeling and requesting, best eye contact she’d ever seen from him, and that he was very engaged in the classroom activities. Her exact words were “whatever you’re doing, don’t stop”.

Yesterday I got an email from another Mom at Alpine letting me know that she’d seen Dominic very engaged in their outside stop/go game and how cool she thought it’d been.

So we’re seeing some very nice trends from multiple places. I think its way too soon to get all excited, but it’ll be interesting to see if it continues.

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meanderwithme said...

The extra urinating is interesting to me. At Kate's suggestion, I decided to give Kombucha tea a try -- started on Tuesday. I have noticed that when I drink Kombucha -- which has probiotics in it that are specifically antagonistic toward yeast -- I very shortly after REALLY have to pee. I'd wondered kind of the same thing, whether the yeast die-off causes more liquids to process.