Friday, October 30, 2009

Week of Meetings, oh my

On Tuesday, we had our monthly meeting at Alpine. We really like this feature, because it gets us lots of tips on how to do things at home, and handle behaviors. Highlights this time are that Dominic's eye contact vastly improved during the month of October (which correlates to the Cytoflora supplement we added in), and that they're concerned about his colors and shapes. he's not getting the concept of something being a color or shape. So they're going to try teaching it a different way, and then maybe take a month off from the programs.

This morning we had our parent teacher conference with his preschool teacher. It went pretty well. She did an assessment on him called the AEPS (Assessment, evaluation, and programming system for infants and children ages 3-6) which covered a number of areas. This is how he scored, which we are actually pretty pleased with
Fine motor skills: 30th percentile
Gross Motor skills: 60th percentile
Adaptive skills: 69th percentile
Cognitive skills: 16th percentile
Social communication skills: 15th percentile
Social skills: 46th percentile

Given that the beginning of June, his OT's peabody tested scored him at less than the 1st percentile for fine motor skills and aged him at 27 months, with specific areas of concern being social interaction and age appropriate visual motor skills, I'd say we're making progress.

On an aside, we got the first round of blood pulled this morning for Dominics pre-OSR tests. They only took 3 vials, and we will go back next week for more to be pulled. Last year, they pulled 8 at once, so we're not really sure why they are splitting these tests up. Whatever. Tomorrow, I'll do Dominic's provoked urine toxic metals test. We're going to wait until next weekend for the stool test, I think , because he's only just now starting to ease off the flu induced diarrhea. That means that we won't start OSR until after we do that test. Which I'm okay with.

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