Monday, October 26, 2009

random tidbits

- Dominic has taken to feeding the dog. Shanti's got this habit of licking every molecule of potential food out of his bowl, when its already empty, and generally looking pathetic. 2 days in a row now, Dominic has looked at me, and said "HONGRY", and i've said, yes, he is, you can feed him. At which time, Dominic goes into the pantry, scoops up a cup of dry food, and puts it in Shanti's bowl. its cute. So, he's observing the dog, understanding and being concerned that the dog is hungry, asking for permission to feed him, and the following through.

- I put Shanti's sweatshirt on him this morning (yes, the dog has a sweatshirt) and Dominic was mightily puzzled. The dog is a bit offended, but he just got groomed at its cold outside today.

- Dominic's been fever free since Thursday, so I sent him to school. He does still have the GI stuff and a cough, so hopefully he does pretty well. The plan is to get back into the workout groove tonight, so to go from Alpine to the gym. But that will depend on how he feels. We're supposed to do a bunch of testing the end of this week, and if his gut doesn't heal back up, i'm going to skip the stool test. No sense in doing it at this point, all thats coming out is bile and undigested food. It was starting to firm back up yesterday, but we're back to bile today. FUN.

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