Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alpine parent meeting today

We had our regular monthly meeting with Alpine today. Things are going well. Dominic's been a bit flighty as far as eye contact and verbals and behaviors go at both Alpine and home, which we are figuring is either from spring time pollen allergies or from the NDF+. Either way, its been stabling back out. Every day this week he's had over 200 verbal attempts at Alpine, so thats a positive. i got the raw data from April and my charts are updated. i'll try to get them uploaded tomorrow. definately can see the dip in March, but its coming back up in April.

Still not sure if Dominic will be full time or still part time at Alpine this summer. WE're hoping for full time, and hope we'll have an answer in a few more weeks. ITs dependent upon IEP decisions for other kids at Alpine. We'll see.

OT went well today. Dominic is doing great cutting straight lines, so now we're to move on to curves. Also, he's doing great with line down, now she wants him to work on a line down followed by a line across, making a + sign. His focus and verbals were excellent for her this evening, and she was quite pleased.

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