Friday, July 23, 2010

July Parent meeting...

Today was our regular monthly parent meeting at Alpine. Mostly seeing same stuff - continuing to improve, struggling cognitively, some stimming.... She showed us a digital copy of his picture that was taken a few weeks ago and its stunning. We'll get our copy of it at the dinner Aug 30. She said he was a turkey at the picture place, but she was able to get them a good shot opportunity.

the one notable thing we talked about is something that may be the root of Dominic's issues in using more than one syllable at a time. They are thinking possibly auditory processing disorder. Here's the example she gave us.

Dominic wanted to look out the window, so his therapist asked him to say Window. He said OwWinD. So the syllables came out, but completely garbled. Apparently this is something they're noticing, and i remember them mentioning it a few months ago. Maybe this is some sort of auditory dyslexia? Who knows. At any rate, the last time it was mentioned Dr K had us double the GABA dose, because that helps with sensory integration. GABA is one of the supplements we had backed way off on, so as of today,we're going right back up to the dose we were on in May. We'll see what that does and it will be a question that I bring up next time in OT and next time we see Dr K.

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