Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Data - back to the rollercoaster we go.

This rollercoaster is really not fun. I’d like off now. But now we get to play the – what happened in July to make Dominic’s verbals drop so much game. We’ve definitely noticed a decrease in enunciation at home, as well. Even tho we’re seeing the multiple word requests, the enunciation is headed south

Here’re the contenders:

  1. Fewer days at Alpine – not only was there an entire week off which always is hard to come back from, there was a day at the zoo and a half day at the water park during which verbals were not monitored. Then there were 2 ½ days when was home sick with a fever the end of July (and the bookending days to that where he was not feverish, but not feeling great so not chatty). So he only had really 13 days of therapy the whole month. He also had a therapist change, and that generally throws him for a loop for a few days, too (takes him a bit to get comfortable with someone new)

  1. HBOT Break. We did finish our first round of 40 the first week of July, but of course that was the week that there was no Alpine for summer break. We were warned to expect regression, that would indicate there was much more healing to be done. We started back up the last week in July, during which he only was there 2 ½ days because he was sick.

  1. Supplement changes: We added TMG because its supposed to help speech (yeah, I know. We’ve now removed it – its clearly not working). The only other changes to speech related supplements were made in mid June, and that was the tapering down of Cytoflora (from 4 droppersful 2x per day to 2 droppersful 2x per day) and the removing of curcumin (which is an antinflammatory more than anything else)

We see Dr Kucera next week, Wednesday, and will discuss with him. My inclination is it a combination of all 3 contendors, and hopefully August will be better.

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