Thursday, September 30, 2010

Okay, clearly I didn’t manage to finish blogging our first week of DMG (work has been ridiculously busy, and I haven’t had a lunchbreak really – I’ve been working thru lunch eating at my desk). It ended up being just fine. No negative impacts to sleep, verbals, behavior or gut. So we’re staying on it.

Dominic is seeming to be doing more attempts at multiple words. Its taken some practice, but now he can say – with no prompting at all – “I touched the ceiling” during the bedtime routine (he climbs up on the vanity and touches the ceiling. Makes him laugh). He is doing “I Want ____” frequently now. He’s doing lots of labeling. It’ll be interesting to see the September data. We’re definately up from a free operant perspective, but don’t know yet on mands/tacts.

Since school started, its been ridiculously difficult to get Dominic to sit and focus after Alpine. He’s just cooked. This is of particular impact to our Occupational Therapy. We’re (at the therapists urging, because she feels like she’s not being therapeutic at all) considering stopping private OT for the foreseeable future. Or maybe doing some kind of arrangement where we just do the therapeutic listening and work on her targets ourselves. Something. The bummer is this particular therapist is the only one who’s been working with Dominic basically since the beginning of this journey. That part makes me very sad. But, it’s a waste of her time and our money if he won’t sit and work with her.

Monday there is no Alpine in the afternoon, but there is D11 in the morning. This means that it will be Dominic’s first time to stay at D11 for the full school day. I’ll be picking him up a 2:30. It’ll be a routine change, so I’m guessing he will be kind of out of sorts, but it’ll be very interesting to see how he handles it.

Monday is also going to be the first day that we try this new chelator that Dr Kucera wants us to try. I’ve talked about timing it for best integration with HBOT, and we’ve decided that M/W/F mornings are going to be the best. The HBOT on Tues/Thurs/Sat will detox him out and increase his bodies ability to process the chelator the next morning. The dosage we’ll be using is 1 capsule 3x a week. In the morning. I’m really hoping we don’t get brainfog, but we’ll be watching (and having Alpine/D11 watch) for brainfog.

We had our regular monthly parent meeting at Alpine last week. He’s doing well and improving, but continues to have lots of work to do yet.

I think the yeast flare from the gummi bear issue at school is finally under control. The positive is he’s stopped asking for gummi bears. He is, however, eating voraciously. We think he’s getting ready to grow again. He’s constantly saying he’s “HUNGWY” which is cute.

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