Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Okay, yes, I'm behind... sorry. Newsy post ahead

Life's been nuts the last couple of weeks...

My brother-in-law passed away the end of August after a shockingly sudden severe illness and his funeral ended up being the weekend that Dominic and I went to Washington to my brother's wedding. So needless to say Daddy had to stay here while we went. Dominic did remarkably well - the flight was a breeze (took the laptop loaded with disney...). Southwest Airlines ROCKS - among other things we got early boarding, and they refunded the cost of Rod's ticket due to the death in the family (refunded, not gave a voucher...). Dominic loved the swimming and exploring parts of the weekend, and I learned that its frankly exhausting to have no real breaks in 3 days.

We got the results of the IQ test that we hired an independent psychologist to do. Or rather, that our insurance shook the psychologist tree until one fell out who would at least try. As expected, because every non answer netted him a zero, his score is much lower than anyone who knows him thinks is even close to target. So that documentation has now been faxed to The Resource Exchange and they are in the process of requalifying him as a child with a developmental disability (verses a child with a developmental delay), and this will keep him on the list for the CES waiver. Thats probably still 5 years away...

Still doing HBOT 3x a week. FINALLY figured out how to make him not be silly in the sauna prior to HBOT - start the movie early. Duh. no idea why we didn't try this months ago. But hey, whatever. The current round of HBOT will get us through the first week of November, and at that point we'll buy one last round that will be 10 weeks at 2x a week, followed by 20 weeks at 1x a week. If the tax refund fairy is good to us this year, its likely we'll continue.

I observed Dominic in the kindegarten / special ed environment right after we got back from WA. Figured out the behavior issues we were seeing in afternoons.... the baggie of gummi bears that I'd given them to reinforce him - for the whole semester - was over 3/4 gone in just 10 1/2 day classes. HELLO YEAST! so we've stopped all refined sugars, cut fruit, and added back our antifungals. I had to charcoal him on Sunday to stop the spinning and bouncing off the couches, but at least we're seeing die off. On Monday I had an email that he was MUCH calmer for them. Well, duh.

We got the August Alpine report back. Its on par with July. Roughly the same numbers verbally, but given all the drama at home and the gummi bear sugar highs in the last 2 weeks of August, I'm just happy that it didn't crash again. Also, I realized that i made a mistake in the July Manding data (they changed how they were tracking it and i misunderstood. I'm clear now), and the number was MUCH better than we'd thought. I'm excited because the Free Operants for september are so far coming back much higher than august (they send them home w/me each day) - and they've been mostly over 200, and last week closer to 250 per day. So i expect a nice improvement in the september report. So i think I'll make ya'll wait until then for the pretty pictures. :)

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