Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I know I know.... I'm behind again - notes on School meeting

Its been a busy couple of weeks at work combined with nothing terribly notable to share... and so nothing got blogged about.

Today we had our fall parent-teacher meeting with D11. Since Dominic isn't in the regular classroom very much, it would've been pointless for us to meet with that teacher, so we sat down to go over things with the SPED teacher (We'll call her T). Remember, he works one on one with a para-professional, under the SPED teachers supervision. We'll call her P. Then he also works one on one with the speech para - we'll call her Q - who works under a liscensed Speech and Language Pathologist. (we'll call her SLP) [for the record, all of these alternative initials makes my head hurt, but its one of those polite things - you just don't use someone's name in your blog]

So, T gave us some interesting data today. The most interesting piece is that Dominic's speech results are decreasing at Audobon. (which is interesting, as they're increasing at Alpine in the same time period). We bounced around several potential ideas - from lack of structure compared to Alpine, to insufficient trained resources. What it comes down to is that P and Q just aren't trained to work as intensely with Dominic as he requires. T has advised the principal that she now requires 30min per day to actually supervise/train P while working with Dominic. And Q has pulled in SLP because she was at a loss. So SLP is doing all of Dominics speech therapy right now.

Confused yet?

I've made arrangements to have P observe Dominic at Alpine Thursday of this week, to hopefully get some better ideas on how ensure compliance and maximize verbalizations. Since in theory, Alpine can bill the insurance for full days right now, I've asked our Alpine lead teacher to think through the logistics of going to Audobon a time or two in November to offer additional guidance.

We have a Dr K appointment next week. I'm working on my notes for that appointment.
I did get data from Alpine for the first 3 weeks of October so we could talk speech trending w/Dr K.... and it looks very pretty. I'll post the official one when we get the full month's data.

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