Monday, November 8, 2010

bullet points...

Quick updates, because it’s the end of the day and I only have a few minutes before I head to pick Dominic up from Alpine

- We had a chili party Saturday night and Dominic did RIDICULOUSLY well playing with his friend who came. It took him a bit of time to warm up, but by the end of the night, they were chasing each other, chasing the dog, laughing maniacally and wrestling. (gently and respectfully).

- I’ve decided to switch all our cookware to cast iron. Our nice nonstick pans are peeling. Hello Toxins. Yeah. Not so much. Next. So, I’ve been using my single cast iron skillet enough that I’m getting more comfortable with it.

- We’ve driving 11000 medical miles so far this year. (that daily back/forth to Alpine really adds up). We won’t talk about out of pocket medical expense, but it’ll be close to 3x what last year was.

- We’re arranging to send Dominic’s lead teacher at Alpine over to observe/model at Audobon next week. After having his para from Audobon at Alpine the end of October, we did NOT see an increase in verbals at Audobon last week. So that was disheartening.

- No snow yet. But its supposed to snow Thursday and be cold Friday. Friday is the annual visit for the Alpine kiddo’s at The North Pole Amusement park. Dominic LOVES this place, so I’m hoping it doesn’t get cancelled for weather.

- We’re gearing up for Thanksgiving. I’m accumulating recipes, and drooling over at the Pioneer Woman’s webpage….

- Today was our first chelator free day. We did a provoked urine test yesterday to see where his toxic metal levels are. We'll probalby give him at least a month... potentially longer.. off the chelator. Daddy's going to take him to get his allergy bloodwork done on Thursday... and then we're done with testing until January.

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