Friday, March 18, 2011

Gearing up for Doc Appt next week...

And so I've been getting our paperwork in order. Here are the talking points AND data for our appointment:

- Major behaviors w/the Captomer We gave it 3x on Friday nights and both Saturday and Sunday were bounce-off-the-walls, where’s the charcoal kind of days. Only charcoal didn’t help. We are returning it.

- Dominic’s speech jumped significantly after he got over the crud he had in Feb. One of three things has happened – either that fever he had was one of the “mythical” healing fevers, or the Vitamin A we added is a wow sup (side note, isn’t there a high Vit A protocol for the measles? I’ve always thought the initial injury for Dominic was measles component of the MMR…), or he just finally hit a sweet spot in his therapy/development.

- After our conversation about Evening Primrose Oil last time, I did some googling. What do you know about the combination of Evening Primrose Oil and GrapeSeed Extract? There’s been some buzz on about that combination, with dosage of 500mg EPO + 100mg Grapeseed Extract 2x a day being amazing for speech.

Also am seeing people very exciting about L-Carnosine to increase speech.

We’d like to do a month trial of each of these unless you have any reservations.

- Last time we talked about our big wows being TNF-a inhibitors, and you said that’s great, but whats causing the overload of TNF-a. I’ve been digging, and what I’ve learned is that in general, pretty much anything can trigger TNF-a production: malignancy, infection or inflammation; under inflammation, external agents (toxins, trauma, medications etc), internal agents (autoimmune processes, allergic reactions etc).

But I also found This article in the Journal of Neuroscience March of 2005:
Differential Regulation of AMPA Receptor and GABA Receptor Trafficking by Tumor Necrosis Factor-

Which basically documents that TNF-a increases AMPA receptors and decreases GABA receptors causing a double whammy of excitability. (leading to the stims and other negative behaviors, plus the super high energy) So we’ve been supplementing GABA all this time… but now I am understanding that the need for GABA was potentially cause by a TNF-a damage.

Do we know how long TNF-a remains in the body after an injury? There seem to be so many options of things that probably increased Dominic’s levels of TNF-a – initial injurying virus, toxins (metals, environmental toxins, yeast die off), allergic reactions. Have we ruled out the big autoimmune illnesses ?


And here is the Data...

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