Monday, April 25, 2011

Seem to be making nice progress....

Every day that i pick Dominic up from Alpine, it seems like they are saying he's had a fabulous day. Today, he had something like 135 spontaneous tacts (that'd be the labelling /vocab.)... a few weeks ago his daily average was 111. Will be interesting to see what it ends up being for the whole of April. Behaviors seem to be fairly low (today he had a whopping 2 yells, and both were because he got excited)

We're holding steady on the supplement regime - don't plan to be making any changes until June....

We're just a few weeks from the end of D11 school for the year. Still hoping Dominic will be full day at Alpine for the summer - probably won't know until mid may like last year (his presence there full day depends upon another student's IEP with the school district saying that they cannot attend for the summer - which is what happened last year and it worked out great). Looks like we'll be using our 60 visits of insurance coverage starting in May - and that means for 3 months we only would have to pay our copay of $15/visit whether that visit is for 3 hours or 7 hours. We're really hoping for the full day option.

Oh, and he lost tooth #2 today.

Edited to Add... he thought that me trying to get a picture of his gap toothed grin was HILARIOUS and therefore was laughing and squirming.... These are the best I could do.

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J said...

Wonderful pictures, Joy and what amazing progress! Go Dominic!!