Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Alpine just was able to confirm that Dominic will be attending full days again this June and July. We are thrilled about this. From a financial perspective, since we're using our allotment of insurance paid visits, its going to cost us the same out of pocket as it would've for him to just be half days! With school ending May 24, he'll only have one week of mornings off this spring, which is fine.

Also -because they're at capacity (and have been on a waiting list for over a year now), Alpine is moving to a larger building this summer. Not only is it almost right around the corner from my office - its now in school district 11. What we're hoping is that we can get the school district to bus Dominic there at lunchtime every day instead of one of us doing it. that would free up a significant amount of time for us. We've got the request in, and are waiting for the special ed supervisor to approve.

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