Sunday, June 12, 2011

For those of you who ask, what its like. This is autism. This is why we are fighting so hard day in and day out to find the money to keep Dominic at Alpine Autism Center, where the structures are in place to stop non compliance and elopement, where they have the resources to help the sensory issues. And where the family support is phenomenal.
 Alpine has given us the tools to handle elopements and non compliance like the girl in the story.  Yes, we've had those days.  But not in a very long time, and we have the tools and training now, thanks to our every single month parent meeting at Alpine, to stop the non compliance before it gets so out of hand Dominic runs into a street. 
The chip in meter in the side bar is to help us pay for Alpine after all the insurance money goes away in 2012  Because somehow, the day he turns 7, the Powers That Be say he doesn't need therapy any more.  Granted, we aren't getting a huge amount now (he gets 60- visits a year), but the shift down to getting nothing is going to be rough, and we're hoping to have accumulated a cushion to help pay for it when the times comes. 

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