Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lazy summer days.... Dr K appt tomorrow.

What is it about boys and dirt.   Dominic's been REALLY enjoying mud.  Today we spent some time over at Baby Cotton Bottoms Moms get together just hanging out, and he hung out in the backyard playing in the mud and grease (from their smoker) .  That'll be fun to get out of his pants.  We're having a mid afternoon bath at the moment. :)

Our new sup's have arrived.  So I gave him his first dose of bentonite clay a few minutes ago, and we'll do the second dose tonight.  We'll start the bowel strength on Thursday

Speaking of sup's, tomorrow is our Dr K appointment.  Here's the paperwork I've sent in:
Focus of today’s visit:  __Followup  supplement change and repeat Adrenal/NT test
Problems:  _n/a
Concerns regarding previous Recommendations:  
Were you able to complete recommendations?   Yes _X _     No_ __


We’ve been making a real effort to reduce out of pocket costs a (when we left here after the March appt, between sup’s, HBOT, and ABA, we were spending $3K/mo out of pocket on Dominic’s medical). We are working on weeding out supplements that are not showing benefit and reducing dosage to maintenance for those that are, hence the hokey pokey you see:

Changes we’ve made to Dominic’s routine:
Date     Supplement Change
26-Mar  Add Adreset
2-Apr    Add Kavinace
4-Apr    Add P5P, Actifolate back, Removed MCT oil (per Cindy)
6-Apr    Add Avipaxin
9-Apr    High Dose Vit A
10-Apr   High Dose Vit A
13-Apr   Add EndoTrex
2-Jun    Add EPO/GSE Combo
5-Jun    Add Lithium back in
18 Jun   Removing DMG, Actifolate, EPO/GSE combo

Notes on those changes:
Adreset:  1 capsule in the AM was too much for him, he didn’t sleep that night.  We cut the dose down to ½ capsule and have maintained there.  His eyes are not dilating randomly like they were before, so I feel like we’ve made good progress.
Kavinace, Avipaxin, Endotrexx.   No negative side effects.  Endotrexx we can tell he’s calmer with.  No obvious changes w/Kavince or Avipaxin
High Vitamin A:  Huge success. Major increase in verbals in April. Did not maintain in May, Would like to re-do High Vit A protocol in November.
Lithium – Added back in because of major emotional rollercoastering, seems to be evening out his moods.  Currently taking Designs for Health Lithium synergy
DMG, Actifolate, MCT Oil, Evening Primrose Oil / GSE – Data does not show that these improved either speech or behavior, so we removed in an effort to reduce monthly supplement costs

-  Dominic has been exposed to Strep (Joy’ had strep throat in May). What do we need to be on the lookout for re PANDAS other than tic’s (which we are not seeing)
-  Should we  test for MTHFR defect?
-  We need to move off of glandular adrenal on to herbal support per conv. w/Cindy in March 2011 – what should we move to?
-  I have just completed reading the book “Unique Healing”, by Donna Pessin and would like to trial her program, which consists of:
    -  Food Grade Bentonite Clay to pull acids and toxins out of the body
    - A product called “Bowel Strength” which contains: berberine sulfate, grapefruit seed extract, gentian root,
black walnut hulls, goldenseal, Jamaica quassia bark, sweet wormwood, garlic.

Here are the speech trending charts from Alpine


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