Monday, August 15, 2011

This and That and the other thing…

D11 starts Wednesday.   Dominic’s D11 sped teacher and para went to Alpine today to observe.  Hopefully that went well. I’ve talked with them and while they are intrigued by the iPad, they’re also very nervous about it.  We’ll see how that shakes out.  We are going to pop over and say Hello to them tomorrow on our way to Alpine, drop of the pile of school supplies, and meet the 1st grade class room teacher.  (Dominic will have the same para as last year, but since first graders have their own desks, he’ll get his own desk, and have times during the morning that he’s working independently.  Will be very interesting to see how that goes).

We had a Unique Healing followup on Friday.  Dominic’s doing great, but she was just frustrated that we hadn’t gotten his pooping frequency down to under 2x a day.  So we’ve done some tweaking (short term use of Colloidal Silver to kill a hypothesized bacterial/fungal infection), and it was supposed to decrease frequency overnight. It did!  Exciting.  We’ll have him taking it just for a few weeks, then will phase off of it.  He did have a really good weekend behaviorally and verbally, so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.  Infections of any sort in the gut throw off behavior.

Dominic had his regular 6 month dental checkup today.  Apparently he did AWESOME – no wiggles, let them polish, floss, AND Xray him.  Very pleased about that.  The next teeth that are going to be evicted, per the xray should be top fronts.  We’ll see if they follow instructions.   Unfortunately, the dentist discovered that the tooth enamel on the molars that have just finished coming in in the back of Dominic’s mouth is very weak, and he’ll have to get crowns put on them (wince).  The dentist is willing to try conscious sedation since Dominic’s done SO well the last couple of times in the dental chair.  So we’ve got to find the money for our portion  and get that scheduled.  Hoping to do it on a day that there’s no school/alpine to be missed, but will have to see how the schedule comes together.  Odds are I’ll be taking a vacation day that day.
Dominic's Therapy is very expensive and we are still unable to find scholarships, grants or other money to pay for it, so we are holding our own fundraiser so he can continue to go through the therapy that helps him so much.  Its over at the side and below

Medical Fundaising Made Simple

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