Wednesday, September 28, 2011

oooh. 2 very chatty days. in a ROW

Review for everyone, since I know I have some new readers.  Alpine takes data on Dominic for the 3 hour window that he's there every afternoon.  Data on speech (manding and tacting which is requesting and labelling respecively), behavior, stim's, toileting, etc etc.   And they make me pretty charts once a month, and i agonize over data and look for trending we can correspond to supplement changes, sunspots, etc.   This is awesome because its concrete, and it means positive changes are actually documented not subjective.  Ditto for the bad days.

So.. July was an awesome month verbally:  Dominic averaged ~110 each of mands and tacts per 3 hour session.   That was the chattiest Month Domini has ever had.  August we saw a big crash, which Alpine attributed to a combination of new building for them, new therapist on his team, and the transition back to half days at the public school which has much lower requirements of him.   We know that at home we were also dealing with a massive yeast flare and started the whole Antifungal route on top of gut healing.   In August, Dominic averaged 85 mands and 82 tacts per session.  So statistically significant in the drop.

I get a note every day on what that days verbals were so i can track immediate issues, and until yesterday, September was on par with August, and boy were we frustrated.

Side trip down supplement lane:
So the Unique healing protocol is the only thing we've been messing with at home.  Remember we did the massive dose Antifungal for 10 days, got Dominic's stool frequency down to 2x/day?  Then did 5 days at 2/3 the big dose, and stayed at 2x a day?  So last Thursday we dropped to 1/3 the massive dose.  Friday he had 2 poops.  (and tried to set the place on fire).   Saturday, behaviors were OUT of control, and he pooped 5 times.  So i followed Donna's directions and Saturday night we were back up to the full massive dose of antifungals again.  Sunday poop was back to 2x and has stayed there.    Monday i reached out for a consult with Donna and she confirmed my inclination to go back to the high dose, recommended we stay there as long as we could financially, and then only drop to 2/3 that level.  

Tuesday at Alpine, Dominic's verbals were OFF the charts high:  Mands were 118 and Tacts were 172.
Today, Dominic's verbals were off the charts,again:  Mands were 193 (record!) and Tacts were 149.

we could be seeing a very good trend.  It probably has at least something to do with getting yeast under control.  And they've got a  new therapist shadowing his team right now, a guy this time who apparently Dominic loves - so many of those mands have been to engage him in play.   Whether he will end up working with Dominic regularly who knows.

Funny moment du jour:
During circle time, they read a book.  Dominic's lead therapist was saying something to him, and turned around and said " Brooke, SHHHHHH"  complete with finger over his lips.  and apparently the entire staff had to struggle not to laugh hysterically.  She said "Thank you for telling me Dominic".

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