Saturday, October 15, 2011

Early morning reflections

Several times in the last couple of days I've found myself telling other moms - the ones who came before me on this Warrior Mom path - how proud I am to be standing next to them fighting this battle for our kids.

And so I thought I'd share some of what is going on in the world


Jess over at Diary of  A Mom shares the difference she's making in Washington DC, at both a high level and down on a personal level for the family of one soldier who has a beautiful daughter with autism.
Here's part1
Here's part 2
She's been to the White House, she's gotten to speak for those of us so deep in the trenches we don't have time to think about the political arm that could help.   She picked one thing she could do for one person to change their situation. And then SHE MADE IT Happen.  She's a rock star!


Over at Age of Autism, Julie O talks about what i call :"being out" and answering the questions that come as a result.  This was my comment on her post
"Its because of the Warrior Moms like you that the rest of us have a path to follow.  If you kept your mouth shut and didn't let us know how you got here, we'd think we are alone.

And we are not alone.  Not by a long shot.  There will come a time - and its coming soon - when they will not be able to deny our voices.  And then, then they too will work to help the children they've damaged.

I have started getting to the point where i dont' tear up immediately when we talk about my son's regression.  I've started being able to tell people that xyz is something they need to get looked at further.  I've started answering the emails people send from my blog asking for help.   Its because of the ones before me, because of YOU, that i have the courage to do this.

So thank you.  You make me proud to be standing next to you.  "


Lin Wessels travels with her family to ANY and ALL political rallies.  Here's a video of her sweet 9year old ASD Son asking the hard questions to MIchelle Bachmann.  He worked so hard to be able to ask them.  Lin is one of my facebook friends, and she is a tireless advocate for her son and our community.

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Lin Wessels said...

Thank you my dear friend. One day we are going to change this world for the better as we stand side by side and march on, fighting the good fights on behalf of our loved ones. XOX you.