Thursday, October 13, 2011

So much fun at the pumpkin patch!

First off, the pumpkin patch is NOT actually a pumpkin patch.  Its a big field up in Black Forest where they have "fall" activities.  (the pumpkins came on grocery store pallets.  Go figure)

Here's our fun:

First, we went sliding down a giant slide on top of a pile of hay bales.   Over and Over
Fortunately, we were among the first people there, so there wasn't a line and Dominic had a blast!

Next up, We investigated a large, red tractor.

Then it was time to crawl through the tunnel that feeds the hay bale maze.  Fun times:

Then, on to the Hay Bale Pyramid, Where he climbed up and JUMPED!

From there we went on a hayride, and then hit the livestock.  He got to pet and otherwise ogle: chickens, ducks, bunnies, sheep, a goat, and some alpaca's.  That amused him greatly.

The last thing we did was play in the giant corn box.  You, like a sand box, only with dried corn kernals.  Bonus, at the end of the day, they could feed it to the chickens!  It was a sensory seeker's heaven!   The interaction that Dominic had with his classmates was really nice to see.  Not only did he hold still long enough to let them cover him up in corn, he played with them for a long time.

He had a wonderful morning.  The ironic part is that while D11 went this morning, Alpine is going this afternoon.  So I fully expect him to be exhausted (and cranky) when I pick him up in an hour.


For those of you playing along from home, not only have we kept the high verbals at both D11 and Alpine this week (~200 tacts / ~ 135 or so mands), Dominic's incidences of stim's and behaviors has dropped like a rock.  Its been a very good week in both locations.

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