Monday, January 2, 2012

And now after a 3 week hiatus.....

Sorry its been awhile since I've blogged.  Life got in the way in the form of me getting very sick and I just didn't have the energy to write anything up.

Dominic's doing fine. We're all ready for Alpine to start back tomorrow and school to start back Thursday. It'll be good to get back into routine.  We had a lovely holiday - much quieter than most years because of my illness, but lovely none the less.  No ornaments were broken, primarily because we only put non breakable ones up this year. Dominic loved the tree.  Dominic seems to be talking a decent amount, he actually said hello for the first time to a friend of ours who dropped by yesterday.  With eye contact.  He handled me being hospitalized pretty well - which was good for all parties involved.

We did not get the grant we applied for to help with Alpine costs, but are back in the hopper for next quarter automatically.   Not holding my breath, I'm SURE a ton of people apply.

Tonight I'm feeling inspired to say thank you to those of you who've continued to stick around, read these oftentimes distressing blog updates, and actively insert yourselves in our lives.  I realize that its oftentimes extremely difficult to wrap your heads around the knowledge that Dominic was fine one day and he was not fine the next.  And that he was 3 when it happened, and from what we now know, it could've happened to anyone.  Especially those of you around to watch the regression as it was occuring - I get that its uncomfortable and horrifying and hard to remember how he was before and compare it to now.  I live it.  I know that I'm not the most sociable anymore - I don't have time or patience to be tactful / superficial / whatever, so those of you who have hung tight - you have no idea how much that means.  Those of you who find it uncomfortable to be around me because it could've been your kiddo - I get it.  Or because I'm too intense now, or because you don't relate to my reality now, etc - I get it.  I may miss you tremendously, but I understand.    And those of who I've met on this journey, who are on the same road - I don't know that I'd still be sane if I didn't have you in my lives.  Thank you. 


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