Sunday, April 8, 2012

Egg Hunt... Ton of pictures!

We were invited yesterday to an egg hunt at the home of one of Dominic's Alpine classmates.  We decided to go... having never gone to a private function with these folks, but wanting to.   Turns out, Dominic is incredibly well behaved in a large group of SN kiddo's.  One of the best overall behaved kiddos there.  He had a great time.... Here's the story in pictures:

The turtle fascinated him when we arrived.  But he was wary. Very Wary.  In fact he freaked out at the thought of Mom or Dad Touching the turtle, much less himself.
Then we went outside to hut for Eggs.  He was pretty enthusiastic once he realized what the point was.
And then... THEN... he realized there was something INSIDE each egg.  It was a giant AHHA moment.
His favorite was the slinky. Mostly it was candy, but given the audience, all of the candy was natural - no artificial colors/flavors, so he will get to have some, slowly.

He even wanted to share the slinky with Mr Turtle, who he was no longer wary of.

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J said...

lovely photos Joy! love the aha moment one especially :)
Looks like a great time!