Monday, April 2, 2012

World Autism Awareness day and Vitamin A protocol

Wow, there’s some amazing press out there today for World Autism Awareness day, especially following directly on last weeks announcement that the numbers of current 12 year olds  are 1 in 88 (1 in 54 boys).  I still don’t see whats worth celebrating and am not lighting anything blue today.  Its just another day.

So, to borrow and quote heavily, because so many of these are more eloquent than I…
The lovely folks over at Thinking Moms Revolution have a great post out comparing media coverage of the Autism epidemic to television news coverage of the Vietnam War immediately following the Tet Offensive in January 1968.  That was the point where people stopped believing the rosy picture being painted for them.

Quoting heavily from the above link, but really, you should go read it yourself:
“Doctors aren’t, as a stereotype, known for their small egos, yet last week they allowed themselves to be blamed for misdiagnosing Autism since the 1940’s. With a small exception of subtle cases, Autism is not hard to diagnose. Granted as an Autism mom I’ve become more familiar than the average civilian, yet with no medical training, I can spot a kid on the Spectrum from three aisles away in Target on a busy Saturday morning. It’s mind boggling that as an entire profession doctors are letting themselves take the fall for missing thousands and thousands of children who would have been flapping, stimming, possibly nonverbal, in diapers at 10 years old, and in some occasions violent. Yet, we didn’t hear doctors utter a peep in defense of their profession last week. Are we really to believe they would take this level of criticism without firing back? If we are willing to accept that our physicians are that poorly trained and that incompetent aren’t we terrified as a nation about our medical care? For any other profession accused of this level of incompetence there would be Congressional Hearings!  They didn’t misdiagnose these children because they didn’t exist.… Parents no longer believe what they are told about Autism or vaccine safety in the news because it is incongruous with what they are experiencing in their lives; we see more Autistic children every year and we hear vaccine injury stories far too frequently. The word ‘mystery’ doesn’t fit for Autism any more either and neither does saying “we have no idea”. Parents aren’t buying it. We have seen too many linear experiences of regression into Autism following vaccine injury.  Doctors cannot point to actual safety studies for the current vaccine schedule because they haven’t been done"

And there’re all sorts of articles around about how early intervention is KEY.  Hate to break it to ya’ll, folks, but Dominic didn’t begin his regression until after his 3rd birthday (coincidence that we delayed all his shots for 2 years???).  He had aged out of the early intervention programs before we got any sorts of guidance from puzzled doctors.

Then there’re the FEW doc’s who are willing to talk about healing and recovery.  Here’s one that talks about diet influencing brain inflammation. Imagine that. 

Hey look, Donald Trump is actually taking a stand and saying that he thinks there’s a correlation between vaccines and Autism.  AND he’s got the pull to get the media to pay attention to him:  

And the Canary Party along with a bunch of other grass roots org’s is calling for the firing of all the government officials who seem to be unbothered by the increase in Autism numbers… 


So we did the high vitamin A protocol with Dominic this weekend. I actually think he was very chatty over the weekend, and behaviors were pretty good.  He had a good morning at D11 today, and we’ll see how he does at Alpine.   As usual, we don’t get excited about anything, because its too much energy to ride the rollercoaster.  We’ll see how things go this month.

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