Saturday, May 19, 2012

Funny Boy, and other news

So the last couple of weeks, Dominic's been wanting to carry around a reusable grocery bag with some of his cars it in.  In the beginning of this, we'd gotten him the bag for the roughly half a dozen that he wanted to carry around so that he'd quit dropping them.  We quickly broke the habit of him putting them in his backpack and taking them to school, but it seemed harmless to let him bag and carry them around at home.  Until they started increasing in number.... to the point that the fabric of the bag nearly tore out under what seemed like 20 pounds of small cars.  He slept with them, had them on the dinner table for dinner, carried them outside, took them with us shopping (and they stayed in the car), etc. The other night, after dinner and after his bath, I told him firmly that it was time to put the cars in their drawer. and we did. He was okay, until he said goodnight to Daddy, at which point he melted into crocodile tears of unfairness.  So we got out 4 cars for him to sleep with, no bag.  And that was that.

I have to tell you, tho, at the point that he started weeping dramatically, it took all I had to not burst out laughing, because it was SO drama boy.


Today, I had a chiropractor appointment immediately following his.  We've never done it this way before because I wasn't sure how he'd do, and this only happened because she had to cancel my appointment earlier in the week.  So we do his stuff, and then i settled him down with his iPad.  No problem.  I hop up, and he tells me to RELAX. (giggle). She goes my adjustment, an I say OW a couple of times when she was working on my feet. He hears me say ow and takes her hands off of me, and then body blocks her from working on me.  Adorably protective.  It was cute.  I flipped over for her to adjust my neck, etc, and he climbed up on the table with me and sat by my feet.  With the iPad. Its an awfully good thing she's kiddo friendly.


In other news, Alpine had agreed to use the PCS reading program with Dominic intensely this summer, so I've gotten it ordered.  I know that its kind of a big expense, but we'll donate it to Alpine and the take the tax write off.  More importantly, I keep going back to a post I saw probably years ago now on the BeyondGFCF yahoo group (parents who are comparing notes, etc) in which one woman said that the way she'd gotten her son to speak was to teach him how to read.  From reading he got the language, and then speaking came.  Plus I'm such a recreational reader, that I want him to have that enjoyment too. 

You know how I've said since the beginning of this journey, that Dominic's brain injury was triggered by a virus?  Well, our chiropractor fully agrees with me.  And she's been researching like mad to see if there's anything she can come up with to help eradicate the virus.  She may've found something that'll work. Its a company that does energy patches that you wear for 3 days at a time. Yes, we know these are pretty far out there in the Woo area, but we've tried more expensive stuff that hasn't done anything, so we'll give this a shot too. However, the interesting part about all of this is that our Chiropractor managed to talk this company into doing a "free sample" professional aura analysis based upon a photograph she took last week of Dominic.  (have i mentioned she's awesome.  They normally charge $200 for this analysis) Using that photograph, don't ask me how becauseI haven't a clue - but it was free so I am fine with it, they specifically pegged Dominic's biggest energy issue to be from a virus called R1H2.  In fairness and full disclosure, I cannot find ANY scientific reference to R1H2 online. I can only find reference that this company has out there.  So we'll see. This will fall in the category of not leaving any stone unturned and we know that wearing a energy tuned patch won't hurt him. Its also really cheap compared to other stuff we've done with no results.

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