Saturday, June 16, 2012

A visit to TRU that actually wasn't bad!

Toys R Us is not my favorite store, but its the closest toy store to us and not nearly as annoyingly crowded as Walmart or Target. We had some birthday gifts to pick up for a party this afternoon, so Dominic and I went over to TRU.

he did SO well! He stayed beside me, without holding a hand the Entire Time we were looking for specific things.  He found something he wanted pretty much immediately, and picked it up (which was fine, I told him he could have 1 thing).  Then we located the squinkies, and the set of Cars squinkies caught his eye, so he picked that up too. I told him he had to pick between his two things, and he picked the squinkies.

Then we were in another part of the store, and he saw a couple of wooden CARS figures that he wanted.  So i made him pick again, and he picked the cars.  On our way to the cash register, he got a bit distressed, and said "i want mcqueen".  Okay, so we went back to the place we left the squinkies and swapped the cars out for the squinkies.

No tears, no drama, no running off...

Then at the cash register while we were waiting, he did the funniest thing (I have my car keys clipped to the outside of my purse these days, which is a cross body bag).  He reached around me one way for my keys, then while holding them there, reached his other arm around the other way to transfer them (still attached to my purse) to that hand.  Then he tried to use my keys to open his package of squinkies.

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