Sunday, July 15, 2012

This is Awesome.

I liked the below so much (found on a private facebook group), that i'm borrowing and putting here.  Its awesome. 
 There are two steps to autism.
The first step is the environmental insult that will overcome the detox ability of the child, and lead to various levels of immune system dysfunction and neurological damage. This can lead to a variety of symptoms.
The second step is what happens when the immune system is no longer able to regulate the "bugs". Yeast, parasites, etc begin to grow out of control and in their path leave a wake of symptoms. Many of which overlap with the first set of symptoms.
Many of us have removed the original toxic insult, and even repaired what was broken (Immunotherapy, stem cell, HBOT), but the symptoms persist because the legacy of the second step is this very much present.

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