Sunday, August 19, 2012

How is it the first day of school already?

Quick Catchup Post...

Tomorrow is the first day of Second grade for Dominic. We dropped by to visit with his SPED teacher on Thursday and it sounds like Dominic will have a one on one para all the time (its in his IEP, the question is will the principal honor it.  The teacher is pushing for it).   Which is very encouraging. We brought her up to speed on his summer and passed along the transitional materials from Alpine.  She was thrilled to see them.

Yesterday, we had a photo session with my friend Kathryn. She did family pictures for us a few years back that turned out AMAZING.   She's doing a fundraiser because her daughter with CP and multiple other issues is to the point that they need a wheelchair van.  And this photo session was one of the fundraising methods.  She posted a teaser of the pictures on facebook, and here's one of them.  As she did last time, it appears that she did a fabulous job. I have to tell you I cannot believe Dominic actually followed her instructions and posed how she asked him to.  She also had him convinced that a dinosaur lived in the camera and he was trying REALLY hard to see it. (again, she's awesome.)

Then last night was our monthly parents night out with Alpine.  Even tho we're not actually Alpine parents anymore, we're still "part of the family" and therefore going to these. It was a lot of fun.  We had the same sitter for Dominic we've used the last couple of times we've gone out, and when we got home she told us again what an improvement she sees in him in the month since she was last here.

She said he talked up a storm, labelled everything he saw, asked for things in sentences, etc.  She was very impressed.

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