Monday, August 13, 2012

Leaving on an Airplane!

Saturday we left at ohgodthirty to get to Denver and catch a flight up to the Pacific Northwest where we are visiting family.

Dominic did AMAZINGLY well on the plane and the trip thus far.  Leaps and bounds better than the last time he flew.  No wiggles, no tears, followed instructions.

We hit the local county fair when we got here for a few rides, saw goats, sheep and chickens.  Dominic loved it, especially the animals.  We even got to watch baby chicks hatch.  So cool.

Sunday, we went to the beach and spent a good hour watching Dominic wade in, throw rocks in the water and look for crabs.  He found one, but it was dead, so no harm no foul. 

We took my family out for dinner Sunday evening to celebrate a slew of birthdays, and Dominic sat nice the entire meal.  Blew my Dad away that he sat so calmly for so long.  he ate every bite of his dinner and all of dad's potatoes. 

Today has been less structured - did some swimming, saw my brothers property, Dominic played like crazy with my brothers dogs, and tonight we'll have another meal with my brother and sister in law before we head out.

Overall, this has been the best Dominic has ever done.  My whole family has remarked on how much better his behavior is since the last time they saw him (my mom saw him in Dec when she came while I was so sick), but it had been a year plus for everyone else.  My SIL and Brother have noted on significantly improved verbals since the last time they saw him. 

We'll fly home tomorrow, and then spend a couple of days re-balancing before school starts for Dominic on Monday.


(lots of pictures to follow when we get home)

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