Wednesday, October 3, 2012

PS to my earlier post

I caught this on the Facebook wall of Lisa Joyce Goes, one of the Autism Warrior Mama's I hang out with online.   She gave me permission to quote it entirely here. (Hi, LJ!)  It was appropriate to share this afternoon given the tone of the link I posted earlier.  For Background, tho I don't watch Real Housewives of NJ, apparently one of the toddlers on the show has been diagnosed with regressive Autism.  His Mom talked about it here.
My friend ...  tells me often that when she thinks of me she feels as though "your energy is escaping you, you need to cover yourself." Besides my extreme exhaustion, I often wondered how she could fee or sense something so intangible. Then today, after a sleepless night, I put Liam down grabbed some papers I needed to read, and turned on the tube to watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey Reunion. I have been boycotting Jacqueline Laurita since she aligned herself with Autism Speaks but I wanted to see her announce it publicly to Andy Cohen. What ensued, was horrific. She burst into tears, regressive autism. Nicholas no longer says I love you. Every ounce of anger I felt for this woman disintegrated. "Regressive autism" common, she says to Andy. Then quickly as is always the case, the narcissist in denial Theresa Judice, brings the story back to her and denigrates the moment. But, for the first time, I experienced what Karen's sensitive mind must be picking up. The energy drained from me and I wailed, uncontrollable sobs. The equivalent of how I'd behaved when Noah was diagnosed. When my friend's children were diagnosed. When I open letters from people I spoke to about this three years ago who did not heed my warnings writing to tell me their child just got diagnosed. The energy literally drainsout of me. My breathing is labored, tears that I cannot stop.

Please, please please know that polio, at its HEIGHT affected 1 in 3000. Autism is stealing 1 in 88 healthy babies. Autism FOR MANY is uninvestigated vaccine induced encephalopathy. It is stealing babies from us right and left. I have every confidence Ms. Laurita is speaking to Jenny and she will be put on the right track. I have every confidence that her love for Nicholas will provoke her to become a Thinking Mom. I have to hope this. Because, as I wrote this, I would guess about 10 more babies just got their "well baby" shots and were quietly given the gift of autism. Vaccine encephalopathy. Symptoms? High fever, swelling at the injection site. Loss of speech. Regression into autism. Doctors will sell you on the fear of infectious disease. Thinking moms will help you have enough faith in yourself to read the science and realize the truth about what has been done to a generation of healthy children. While our government and medical communities stand silent. Still crying. So hard. And still, how many calls will I get before the day is out? How many new moms? Can you help me? God...if only they listened and did the work beforehand. God help us. Please.

Where is the urgency?  Where is the realization that these children who have regressive autism are the children who, when they turn 18, will have to be declared incapable of taking care of themselves like the link I posted earlier talked about. .  The gates are open and the floods are coming. 1 in 88 - and that doesn't count any children under the age of 12.  How can this not be a crisis at the top of everyones list? 

Also important, how can "redefining" autism, like the new DSM is poised to do to reduce the numbers of kids diagnosed stop the flood of 18 year olds incapable of taking care of themselves?  Surely we don't think that magically changing a label will stop the flood?

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