Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keepin it Dry!

So, ya'll remember the soda can cut / stitches debacle of late July? The one where Dominic had to bathe with his hand in a baggie and finally "got" the concept of keeping it dry?

Tonight, he scratched his ankle (not even bleeding), and insisted on a bandaid before we could proceed with his mms enema (don't worry, the logic failed me too).  I got him the bandaid, gave him his enema, and put him in the tub. It took me a minute for me to realize he was trying to keep said bandaid dry.  He took the whole bath like this:

also tonight we had a first... I ran his bath, and he looked at me and said Want Jamas.  And then he independently went downstairs (buck naked, mind you), got his pajamas and came back upstairs.  Up to this point its taken multiple verbal cues for him to go get them, so to just say he needed them and go get them was pretty huge.

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