Thursday, February 7, 2013


We’re just finishing up parasite protocol #6.  The chiropractor remarked to me Tuesday that it was so cool to see Dominic’s personality starting to emerge and take form. 

 We’re still using the Get Smart nootropic I mentioned a few posts back.  I think we’re seeing some cognitive gains, but I’m not positive. If we are, they are subtle.  We did decide to go ahead and order a second bottle.  He is having a little easier time writing his name.

We got a neurotypical kind of interaction out of him this morning… 

As background, he is almost never without small fidget type toys in his hands. Generally animals or squinkies.  For school, before he gets on the bus, we have him put them in his backpack for safe keeping.   This morning, he did NOT want to put his 3 little plastic pigs and 2 mice finger puppets in his bag.  After going back and forth a few times about it, with us firmly telling him he needed to put them away, he let out a “Pleeeeaaaassssseeee” which was adorable but we still said no. And there was pouting.  But no tears, just pouting.

Similarly last night as he was going to bed, he was carrying a huge armload of toys with him to sleep with (all tiny little things), and  he stopped to cuddle with Daddy who was watching the TV in our bedroom.  Several times I suggested that he take his toys and put them to bed first, and he shushed me.  We had a hard time keeping our faces straight.

One of the things we got him for Christmas was a container of neon pink theraputty to help build his hand strength and thus improve his fine motor (specifically handwriting).  While as I mentioned above, that is improving, he’s taken to using the theraputty for other things.  Most usually, he’s found rolling it into long strings, wrapping it around his toys necks and calling it a Leash or flattening it out and calling it a Hat.   Fortunately, it seems to stick only to itself so our carpets are safe.

One of the things we’ve started doing this last month is using the Bountiful Baskets food coop for a large portion of our fresh produce 2x a month.  This means that we eat what they give us, and that’s causing us to stretch our palates (and me, my recipe repertoire) .  Of all things, Dominic really like cooked cabbage.  Both in the Savoy and plain old head of green cabbage varieties.  Go Figure.  WE’ll see how he feels about sauteed chard and beet greens tonight.   Variety is good.

His 8th birthday is Monday.  Its amazing how time has flown.  We’ve renewed our Zoo membership for the first time in a few years as part of his birthday gift and will be going (weather permitting) to visit the zoo Saturday afternoon.  I’ve worked out with his teacher to bring cupcakes (gfcf of course) to his classroom on Monday as well which will be fun.    The Ringling Brothers circus comes to Colorado Springs every summer and I’m thinking we might actually be able to take Dominic this year. We’ll see, I guess.

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