Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I hope Dominic never needs to be hospitalized

Not just because I hope he’s never sick enough to require it…  

This poor woman has done everything by the rules.  And her boy has been hospitalized now 22 days, in excruciating pain.  Pain that he reacts to like all our kids – with behaviors, -  self injurious, self stimulatory, and lashing out.    He was in 4 point restraints for  the first19 days.   It took Fox News doing a story on it to get the restraints lifted.   22 days of pain, and the hospital still has not done any sort of  diagnostic testing.  Because, you know, he has autism.  And autism is a “mental illness”.  So they are giving him psych meds.  Because if they “heal the brain” then his body will be fine.   And today, his mother was told to either agree to all points of the hospital’s care plan or she will lose custody of her child to DCFS.

 Great comment over on Age of Autism about this very issue.

 Here we see the catastrophic future of our children - created by modern medicine, and well beyond its capacity to deal with. If it hasn't happened to us or them yet it, it assuredly will. This is the future a greedy industry and sycophantic crony government officials have created for us and our children - the complete failure of human institutions.”

If anyone had any doubts left about why I don’t trust Medical Doctors, you can stop wondering now.

 Here’s a list of known medical comorbidities with ASD.  Those things that when treated medically… improve behaviors:


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