Monday, April 15, 2013

Dominic's experience making a difference

On Friday, Dominic and I went on a quick trip up the Pass to see a friend of mine who, with her little ones and husband, was visiting. Its about a 45minute drive, and so pretty.   Dominic had a fantastic time playing with the 2 large dogs who are part of their family while I visited with my friend.  He also managed to NOT have a complete meltdown when I wouldn’t let him go play in the creek that crosses their property (this is huge. He LOVES water)

I’ve known this woman since college, and she has been one of my “family of heart” for many years.   

I remember before Dominic regressed, talking to her about vaccines.  How we were waiting until he was 2 and then doing 1 shot at a time because I didn’t want to overwhelm a tiny baby with so many known neurotoxins.  I remember her kind of cocking her head with the “really, Joy” look, until our teacher looked at her and said “she’s not kidding”.   I wasn’t anti-vax at that point, I was just anti-vax schedule.  It seemed stupid to throw so many challenges at such a newly developing immune system.   
When Dominic regressed and we found ourselves at the start of the therapy and treatment marathon (which we are still running), she was one of our angels.   We talked about it again in depth shortly before she got engaged to her now husband – did I really think the shots were the culprit?  And at that point I knew they were part of the bigger picture, along with family history of autoimmune, years of toxins in our bodies, and chemicals all around.   And she listened.

I got to snuggle her 3 month old on Friday and play with her toddler.  Both of whom are unvaccinated and will remain that way.   She’s a Thinking Mom now, too.

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