Tuesday, April 30, 2013

GFCF Kitchen Weekday Breakfasts and School lunches

People have a really REALLY hard time when they hear that the first step to recovering their child is the diet. They get completely turned around themselves when they hear No Gluten, no Dairy and No Soy is the starting point. And so one of the wonderful ladies on a facebook group i spend a LOT of time with suggested that it might help if we could all write out what they CAN feed their children. This week I’m running a series of posts as is my contribution to that effort. It is an example week in my kitchen. Now, keep in mind I work all week and so much of my prep work happens on the weekends.


Because I leave for work minutes after  I set Dominics breakfast down in front of him (Rod does the bus routine after I leave), automating breakfast has saved my sanity. He has generally 20minutes or so to eat breakfast every morning

Here’s what Dominic’s Breakfast looks like on the weekdays:

A protein source:
This is always Nitrate/Nitrite free Sausage or Bacon, which I cooked over the weekend and froze.  I pull it out, heat it briefly in the microwave and we’re good.

A carb source
Dominic’s preference is Oatmeal. We use Bobs Redmill Gluten free Oatmeal, and it takes 3 minutes in the microwave. Use a big bowl or it will go everywhere.

Usually a fresh fruit. 
Any kind I have on hand works. His favorite are bananas.

As a note, the adults in the house are responsible for our own breakfasts.  This is just what we feed Dominic. 

Here’s what Dominic’s school lunches look like:
Into Dominic's lunches every day go 2 fruit, 2 vegetables, 1 starch and 1 protein.  All is leftovers in one way or another. I use these lunch containers for the meal, and 1 each fruit and veg stay out as snacks for him.
Here’s what I did for lunch this week (and yes, I line them up on Sundays and do 4 lunches assembly line style.).  He eats this stuff cold, as he doesn’t have access to a microwave:

Monday and Wednesday – 2 chicken legs, 1 C steamed asparagus, ½ baked potato, 1 apple. The snacks were 1 apple and ½ a cucumber sliced.
Tuesday  and Thursday-  ¼ C shredded beef, 1 C steamed asparagus, ½ baked potato, 1 apple. The snacks were 1 apple and ½ a cucumber sliced.
Friday is usually something different because I have only 4 lunchboxes so Friday gets made on Thursday night of whatever leftovers we have around.

We give him another snack when he gets home from school.

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