Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ear Sprouts!

Thursday morning, Dominic kept pulling on his right ear.  Rod looked in it with a flash light at lunch, got really big eyes and said "Holy Sh**".  Which of course, Dominic repeated.    I looked, got the ear cleaning hook thing and attempted to get this large (looked like a dry pea) out of his ear.  No luck.  Called the doctors office, and got schedule to see the nurse prac that afternoon.

It was the first time that this particular nurse prac had seen Dominic - normally we see our MD.  He came in, sat down and asked me for my suggestions on how to proceed.  I told him to start by looking in Dominic's ear and we'd go from there.  He looked in Dominic's ear, looked at me and said, yep, there's something in there.  "We'll get it out with some water", he said, "I'll send in the girls" (the med assistants).  I told him to be brave and he just laughed and ran out the door.

Two MA's came in and brought this weird contraption attached to the end of a spray bottle of warm water with a little shampoo.  Dominic freaked out.  Tears, screaming... we ended up having him squirt water into the ears of all of his little toys, then into my ears... before he'd hold it in front of his ears.  And then it took a little longer before he'd let us squirt water in... 

Eventually we got enough water that we could see the item at his ear canal, and the little turkey started sticking his finger in... and we lost the item.  We looked all over the room and didn't see it.  The MA ran to get the NP to look and see if it was pushed back in.  He couldn't find it.. and about that time she found it on the floor.

It was about the size of my pinkie fingernail, light green, and sprouting.  we have NO idea what it is, but are going to be asking at camp if they did any art work this week featuring seeds.

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