Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 3, PV (part 1)

So yesterday after our HBOT session as we were walking back to our hosts home, we stopped to buy Dominic some flip flops (sneakers on a beach don't work so well).  The first little store we stopped in was just curios and clothes. So we went to a second store.   Got the flip flops (he can walk in them, too - they actually slow him down).

This morning after our HBOT session, he said to me "I want Dolphin", led me into that first store we stopped at yesterday and picked out a little dolphin thingie.

The HBOT we are here to do in case anyone was wondering what it was like...

The other cool anecdote from today is that after HBOT, we went ot the ocean like we have the last couple of days.  About an hour into playing in the waves, Dominic came up to me and said "i want house" and was  ready to come back to the house.  The last 2 days, i've had to drag him away (almost literally).

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