Monday, June 23, 2014

Chicken Pox, Check!

Dominic had chicken pox last week.  I am thrilled because, hello, Lifetime Immunity without the toxins in the shots!  

He rocked chicken pox! 
8 days of spots, 5 days of lethargy, 2 days of fever, and 2 days of nausea. 

The fever and nausea were not on the same days.   I credit nearly round the clock dosing with CD in various forms as soon as we realized what it was (the baths were so helpful), the iMRS mat (more to come in a separate blog about that) for several hours a day, L-Lysine also as soon as I realized what it was,  and hydrocortisone cream to mitigate the itchies for making the week really not horrible.  I only did Tylenol for fever management twice, and used Zofran twice for the nausea.  There was no dehydrating.   He actually wasn't even that cranky.  Remarkable.

Interestingly enough only about a third of the spots ended up fluid filled (we are theorizing that this is because of the boatload of antivirals I threw at him), but he got enough to have what we are calling a full immune response.  

 The most amusing part of the week was that when I called the doctor’s office to tell them that I was 95% sure we had chicken pox, would they like me to bring him in for an appointment their response was “You don’t have to bring him in, and if you do we will bring you right back to a room”.  In fairness, we see a family prac (not a pediatrician) who could have immunocompromised people in the waiting room, so I get it.  We didn’t bother going in. 


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