Saturday, September 20, 2014

Because Autism isn't enough...

One of the things I do to support the Autism community is work with TeamTMR, the non profit arm of the Thinking Moms Revolution.   That book has brought strength and hope to millions of families and now one of the original founders, Melanie  (Aka Booty Kicker), is facing spine and liver cancer.  (She has already survived breast and bone cancers)

This brings up huge issues for me - what happens to Dominic if I get sick?  Melanie's main role her household is caregiver to her significantly impacted son, Luke.    If i got sick, could someone step in and do what I do every day?  Have I written down everything?   The answers to that are Yes and Yes.   And there would be a whole community of moms who reached out to help as we are doing for Melanie.  The Thinking Moms Revolution has started a fundraiser to help offset the cost of Melanie's cancer treatment.  If you are thusly inclined, please  CLICK HERE.

Melanie TMR

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