Monday, November 24, 2014

Mind blown

Today I took Dominic up to Pathways natural healing center in Westminster Colorado. It is run by my fellow team TMR mom, Tyler. Tyler is also my young living essential oils guru and she's awesome.   

When we arrived, Dominic went straight into the sauna with his coat still on.

Then he and I together get a foot detox bath. It came out so gross that we're going to have to find a way to do them more regularly.

Then Dominic took off his clothes and lay down for a raindrop session. Raindrop massage is a method by which essential oils are applied along the spine any particular order with a particular method. The first oil that she applied was oregano. Oregano is a potent antiviral and we have been using it internally for a while although not young living. That's going to change.

Within 30 seconds of the application of oregano oil, Dominic had a viral die off reaction the likes of which I've only seen one other time. If you recall almost a year ago last January when I took him to Puerto Vallarta for hyperbaric oxygen on the last morning he woke up with blisters on his chin. The oregano oil sparked the same kind of blister on his spine.  Both Tyler and I were mind blown. I believe that the viral die off coming out of him is the last of the measles that we've been struggling to eradicate for so many years. Regardless whatever it is it's a good thing he's detoxing. After he got his raindrop oils all applied, we put him back into the sauna to let the heat push the oils the rest of the way in to his spine.

I am so grateful for this journey having brought me to meet these other amazing warrior moms who are making a tremendous difference for our kids. Thank you so much Tyler for a fantastic day.

If you are interested in learning more about Young living essential oils, please take a look at my essential oils tab at the top of this blog. I cannot believe we're finally getting this virus out of my boy and I'm so excited about it

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Kelli Smith said...

I have often wondered what the raindrop technique is, now I know, thank you for explaining.
what all oils did they use for this?