Friday, November 28, 2014

Progress! Lots of Progress!

Today's Chiropractic visit...

(setting the stage:  our appointment was directly after friends of ours, so we went a few minutes early and I knew we were going to visit about essential oils in the waiting room. Their son is a year or so older than Dominic)

We walked in.  Dominic walked over to their son, playing with the box of books/toys, sat down adn said "Where is it.  BOOK".  Their son, J, said "is this it" and held out the book he was looking at.  Dominic dug through the toy box until he found the Finding Nemo book.  He pulled it out, laid down on his stomach and proceeded to trace the letters and label them verbally, "N, E, M, O".  I said "What does that spell" and he said "Nemo"

He and J interacted together for a solid 45 minutes, some verbally,  while I visited with his parents and Rod got adjusted.

Then, when it was his turn to get adjusted, he - for the first time EVER - allowed Dr Susan to adjust him laying face down.


This morning he stood up and attempted to sing along with Elsa in Frozen, singing "Let it go". 
I need to figure out how to post videos from my phone here because it was ADORABLE


He has repeatedly asked us to set the Christmas tree up. Its on our todo list for today (or tomorrow if we get buried today)


It may be wishful thinking, but i feel like we're seeing a noticeable uptake in  conversational attempts since our trip to Pathways on Monday.  

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