Sunday, January 11, 2015

Interesting ....

It is too soon to tell what is doing this, but we are seeing some very interesting things from Dominic.

In addition to our current protocols, We are doing ion cleanse detox foot baths on Dominick's feet every other day as per the protocol that we are trialing. The plan is to do this for four months. We have completed the number six. We are seeing what I would term as re-tracing.   Dominic has broken out movies and behaviors that we have not seen in years. For example he's watching Dora the Explorer obsessively the last three days. In addition to watching the movies he is now engaging in pretend play acting them out in settings where the movie is not playing. Last night we went to an annual holiday party and he turned the  Hassock  into a boat which he pushed around the living room while he talked about the ocean and the whales and the turtles and it was adorable.

Our new puppy is Dominic's best friend. They were virtually in separable at the aforementioned holiday party. Dominic loves Kama  and Kama loves Dominic.

The re tracing behaviors we are seeing include high-pitched squealing, stimmy hands, and gross motor sensory input requirements.

In the other hand, for the First time in his life this morning, Dominic brushed his teeth sufficiently well for me to not have to rewash them for him. He also dressed himself, brushed his hair, And made sure his puppy went to the bathroom before we left.

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